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Frequently Asked Questions

LBR is the first rosin in the world to offer bespoke recipes, where playing characteristics such as attack, traction and texture can be altered or enhanced to suite particular playing style.

  • LBR offers two set recipes - supple and crisp - for violin, viola, cello and double bass (all instruments have different recipes to suit that instrument), as well as bespoke blends specifically for a range of baroque instruments.
  • LBR is not 'generic' in any way, it is not mass produced to meet the general needs of string payers en masse. It is designed to enhance the playing experience of the individual, through an individual, tangible and definable control of the recipes and sound / response characteristics.
  • LBR also is the only rosin manufacturer who has the exclusive rights to the one source of Australian pine resin, an ingredient in all our products that provides the consistent and reliable traction that all of our products have.
  • LBR offers a service to its clients, where clients can discuss and develop their own recipe with the rosin maker.

  • Our large and growing list of testimonials from our clients say LBR is a vast improvement on other rosins they have used. Our client's testimonials form the messages and language we use in our marketing.
  • LBR offers definable and tangible control over your personal rosin experience, allowing your experience with other rosins directly inform and improve your bespoke rosin.
  • If your recipe does need some enhancement, for example more attack of stronger traction, then a bespoke recipe can be made for you, and there is no need to search further and try other brands.
  • The materials used to make your bespoke rosin are natural, rare, unique, and quite beautiful. From the Australian specialty timber, the leatherwood beeswax the hand-distilled Australian pine resin, and the range of specifically sourced international resins.
  • You get a higher playing quality (as determined by our trial community and testimonials
  • You get a service & relationship with the rosin maker, this relationship is your platform to formulating your ideal rosin recipe.
  • You get 2 - 5 years use (high frequency playing) and 5 - 10 years for non-regular players, making the price per year almost negligible.
  • Bow rehairs, strings and regular instrument adjustments are far more expensive than using good rosin!

Our set recipes - supple and crisp - have specifically designed recipes for each instrument. The 'supple' violin blend, for example, is a different recipe to the 'supple' viola blend. They have the same key ingredients to offer an equivalent playing experience across instruments. As the strings differ in length, thickness and tension between instruments, then yes, rosin recipes need to be different.

Your recipe can be individualised to suit your playing needs. You have control and influence over the fine detail of how your rosin feels and sounds. Your rosin is also hand-made for you, to your specific order. This rosin is not mass-produced and sent to distributors.

Absolutely. Our recipes are fractionalised down to 2 decimal places, so specific blends are recorded in great detail. Your recipe (whether you buy a set recipe or bespoke blend) is kept in a secure database so future rosins can be made either exactly the same or re-formulated further as your playing develops.

All rosins becomes softer and stickier in hotter weather - if the ambient temperature is over 30 deg. celsius. If this happens it will become less powdery and more sticky. Ideally you would want it to cool down back to room temperature before using it. LBR doesn't go 'off' and won't lose any of its playing qualities as long as it is kept in normal temperatures.

If the bow is already rosined, normally you will only need a few strokes on the bow before a playing session (for violin, viola and cello). If used daily like this, the rosin should last between 2 and 5 years. For daily playing on double bass, we estimate 1 - 2 years for regular playing.

Yes, anyone may visit our workshop in Orange NSW and see the processes and trial a range of recipes. We will also 'pop up' at conferences and workshops offering trials as well. Our stockists carry 'tester' rosins so you can try them at your local string store.

Yes. We use reputable couriers, please see our shipping policies for shipping costs and times. PLEASE NOTE some countries may charge taxes and customs duties before releasing the rosin to you. Check with your local customs office for more information.

If your rosin arrives damaged from shipping, we will replace it within 30 days of you receiving it! (certain conditions apply, see our terms and conditions on our website for more information).

Yes, the rosins are 10cm long in the leather wrap, They fit comfortably in the pocket at the end of the case, or for violin / viola cases with very small pockets, they fit neatly underneath the neck of the violin.

Yes. Our specialty timber is sourced from registered timber mills in Tasmania and other parts of Australia, who are licensed to harvest and mill certain amounts. Usually source the smaller off-cuts and waste sections, as well as recycling timber such as used floorboards to make our casings. Our Premium Australian Leather is a by-product of the Australian farming industry, where a "nose to tail" approach is used for materials to make a range or artisan products. Our Pine resins come from large, long-established companies who distill resins from pine plantations for a range of industries. All materials used come from established companies who follow the appropriate protocols and meet the relevant criteria in terms of sustainability in their countries of operation.

Yes. Please contact us to ask for a linen carry pouch in place of the leather wrap.

If you have a reaction to rosin, first, stop using it and seek medical opinion. For most people, string rosin causes little or no allergic response, however a small number of people do experience some allergic reactions. As a guide, Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin is no different to other rosins in terms of allergies.

Gift vouchers are available in the online store.

Our innovative casing design will protect your rosin to a large degree. But if it does crack, the casing will at least hold it together. You can then contact us for a few ideas on how to repair it. We do not recommend putting it in a microwave.